Special thanks to Marian Hickman for providing historical information for this timeline.

May 27, 1830 Mt Gilead Baptist Church is organized by a council of brethren from the following churches: Blue River, Union, and Shelbyville. Lacking a church building, services are held at the homes of members.

A log meeting house measuring twenty-four feet square is built on land donated by John McCrea one mile west of Smithland. McCrea also donates one-hundred dollars to help with the construction of the building.

1848 A frame church is built on land donated by Levi Liniger. The building is located in a grove of beech and wild cherry trees just south of Miller Cemetery.
July 4, 1855 Mt Gilead holds a celebration on McCrea Hill (Present location of our Easter Sunrise Service).
1872 Worship services are moved to the Smithland School House after the church building is deemed unsafe. In June, a meeting is held with members deciding to build a new frame church in Smithland on land purchased from Walter Scott for fifty dollars (Present church location).
January 1873

The first sermon is held in the new Smithland church building.

June 7, 1919 Lightning strikes the church and the building is lost. Church services are held in the Smithland School House and parsonage.
November 27, 1920 After problems acquiring building materials because of the war, the cornerstone of the new church is put in place by the Flat Rock Association, and the foundation is poured.
January 22, 1922

The dedication ceremony for the new church building is held.

August 1922 The Flat Rock Association holds their Centennial meeting at Mt. Gilead with thirty-two churches attending.
September 30-
October 5, 1930
Mt. Gilead celebrates its Centennial Anniversary.
March 12, 1939 A rededication is celebrated after extensive redecoration.
October 6, 1940 Mt. Gilead celebrates its 110th. Anniversary.
1952 The trustees purchase a house in Shelbyville to be used as the church parsonage.
1955 A house and lot just north of the church property are purchased from Horace Harrell to be used as an additional building and to increase parking.
May 12-29, 1955 Mt. Gilead celebrates its 125th Anniversary.
May 12, 1968 After feeling the need for an educational facility, and several years of saving, the church members vote to build an addition to the building.
September 16, 1968 A ground breaking ceremony is held for the new addition.
March 28, 1971

The dedication ceremony for the new educational addition is held.


The old parsonage is sold and a new parsonage is built on the property north of the church.

June 3, 1990 Mt. Gilead celebrates its 160th. Anniversary.
June 11-12, 2005 Mt. Gilead celebrates its 175th. Anniversary.


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